Thomas Laine Founded

Thomas Laine, an end-to-end Bridal jewelry, wedding day jewelry, and Diamond jewelry specialist opens.

Founder and Designer Eimear Thomas says, “I love how jewelry tells a story in your life, it punctuates those special occasions. So, I set out to create pieces that are not only beautiful, they are also of the quality that will last the passage of time and become your own family heirlooms. Evoking happy memories and the emotion of love every time you wear it.”

GIA Diamond Qualified

Eimear Thomas completes the GIA Diamond Graduate course.  The GIA is the preeminent diamond certification lab that all others look up to. 

Website Launch

Thomas Laine launch the first version of their website, becoming one of the first jewelry stores to offer its entire product range online

Click and Mortar

New York

Thomas Laine opens a small by appointment showroom in Midtown

New Showroom

Thomas Laine open a larger showroom in the Flatiron district

Gifts and Special Occasions

After many requests for a broader range of fine jewelry, Thomas Laine adds charms and diamond pendants.

Collection of a Lady

Thomas Laine launches its own Bridal jewelry collections.  Premium quality Sterling Silver, the finest cut Cubic Zirconia and a polish only seen in high end luxury fine jewelry. 

New Wholesale Collections

New Showroom

Thomas Laine opens its new showroom at 64 West 48th Street, New York.

The best-seller Hollywood jewelry collection is added along with two new Hair and Accessories collections